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Salindunong 2020, idaraos ngayong Pebrero

Salindunong 2020, idaraos ngayong Pebrero

by Airen C. Sajulga, CASS | Jan 21 2020

Upang magkaroon ng talakayan tungkol sa mga hamon at isyu sa wikang Filipino at panitikan sa kasalukuyang panahon, muling idaraos ng Departamento ng Filipino at...

MSU-IIT’s FAB LAB Mindanao presented at the 2019 Geneva Forum

MSU-IIT’s FAB LAB Mindanao presented at the 2019 Geneva Forum

by (contributed news) | Jan 13 2020

MSU-IIT’s FAB LAB Mindanao was presented at the 11th Geneva Forum-4th Annual International Conference on Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences, Crowd-Innovation and Fab Labs for Peace...

MSU-IIT‌ ‌expands‌ ‌graduate‌ ‌dormitory‌

MSU-IIT‌ ‌expands‌ ‌graduate‌ ‌dormitory‌

by OPI | Jan 10 2020

In a simple turnover ceremony held on January 8, 2020 for the completed graduate dormitory expansion project, Chancellor Sukarno D. Tanggol received from the N.B....

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Victorious leap from the ruins: Kudos to a CED graduate school masters degree candidate and a DOST Bangon Marawi scholar

by Angeline P. Dinoro | Jan 21 2020

Ms Robie P.  Brizal, a candidate for Masteral Degree in Science Education major in Elementary Mathematics will be marching with pride and honor on the occasion of the MSU-Iligan Institute...

CED celebrates Family Spirit

by J-Roel Semilla | Jan 07 2020

“We are one CED Family.”

CED to host I AM STEM 2020

by J-Roel Semilla | Jan 07 2020

The College of Education will host the 3rd International Annual Meeting on STEM Education (I AM STEM 2020) on August 13-15, 2020. The I AM STEM is an annual convergence...

MSU-IIT to be Vehicle-Free Once a Month

by OPI | Jan 06 2020

BEGINNING on February 5, MSU-IIT will ban all motor vehicles on campus once a month to demonstrate its commitment to climate change adaptation and the reduction of carbon emissions.

IDS alumni fete former teachers

by Rex Godinez Ortega | Dec 27 2019


CED graduate students usher ALS learners embrace new opportunities

by Gladys Joy S. Omongos | Dec 27 2019

A group of graduate students of the College of Education, MSU-IIT successfully conducted a participatory rapid appraisal for community development to 53 Adult ALS learners on December 2, 2019 at Ubaldo...

Institute awards outstanding employees of 2019

by OPI | Dec 16 2019


MSU-IIT Participates in the 8th International Cosmic Day

by Vernie Convicto, CSM | Dec 03 2019

For the second time in a row, MSU-IIT marks International Cosmic Day (ICD) in the Institute by holding a series of lectures and participating in a one-day international collaborative meeting...

MSU-IIT hosts Fulbright Road Show

by (contributed news) | Dec 03 2019


CPRT Students perform puppet show to promote environmental awareness

by J-Roel Semilla | Nov 20 2019

To show their passion and innovation in educating young minds, the Certificate for Professional Teaching (CPRT) students of Mr. Jaypee S. Yongco perform a puppet show in front of more...

CCS Alumnus Conducts Industry Lecture on Agile Project Management

by Celesamae Vicente, CCS | Nov 18 2019

With the MSU-IIT’s thrust in being in sync with the updates and practices from the industry, the FAB LAB Mindanao, College of Computer Studies, and the Office of the Vice...

MSU-IIT Conducts a Lecture on Fab Labs and Maker Spaces in Indonesia

by (contributed news) | Nov 11 2019

With the vision of being a world class institution of higher learning, one of MSU-IIT’s strategies to collaborate with foreign universities is through the conduct of visiting lectures. On November...

Physics Faculty publishes in Nature Photonics  

by Bianca Fabricante, CSM | Nov 11 2019


MSU-IIT-UTP Partnership Signed, Future Directions Set  

by Jelli Grace C. Luzano, OVCPD | Nov 11 2019


Design Center of the Philippines Culminates the Digital Artisans Program with FAB LAB Mindanao

by (contributed news) | Nov 04 2019


FAB LAB Mindanao presents FABship Programs at the 3rd CUPSCon

by (contributed news) | Nov 04 2019

To show its innovative initiatives for the development of communities, the FAB LAB Mindanao of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) presented its FABship programs at the 3rd College...

CED joins Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators

by J-Roel Semilla | Oct 30 2019

Student teachers represented the College of Education (MSU-IIT) to the PAFTE 10 Student Teachers' Congress held at Capital University, Cagayan de Oro City.

Student Researches Presented in Institute Colloquium

by Merceditha C. Alicando, CASS | Oct 30 2019

The Office of the Graduate Studies (OGS) of MSU-IIT held the 16th Graduate Research Colloquium last October 18, 2019. This is a biannual event where graduate students from the various...

MSU-IIT Holds Palakasan 2019

by Jo Andrei Bonite, SILAHIS | Oct 29 2019


CBAA Faculty Members Won 2nd Place in the CMCI Academic Symposium

by Gilceline Dingding | Oct 28 2019

CBAA faculty members recently presented their paper entitled, “Drivers of Economic Dynamism among Philippine Cities” and won 2nd place in the 2019 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) Academic Symposium,...

Exit Conference concludes AACCUP’s survey

by Irish Mae F. Dalona, CASS/OVCPD | Oct 28 2019


MSU-IIT’s Social Enterprises Demo Day

by (contributed news) | Oct 24 2019

After eight intensive months, the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology’s (MSU-IIT’s) Social Enterprises concluded the incubation period with a “DEMO DAY”.

CED faculty attends Designing Blended Classes

by Juliet C. Tero | Oct 22 2019

Twenty-two (22) faculty members in the MSU-IIT College of Education (CED) attended the 2-day training on Designing Blended/Online Classes (Module 1 of Online/Blended Classroom Training/Workshop Series) at MICEL on October...

MSU-IIT submits 10 programs for AACCUP Accreditation

by Irish Mae F. Dalona, CASS/OVCPD | Oct 22 2019

The MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), in its persistent efforts to maintain excellence in its program offerings and practices, is submitting ten (10) academic programs – 6 undergraduate and 4...

MSU-IIT tops October 2019 Metallurgical Engineer Licensure Exam

by Michelle Jeanne Caracut, OC/OPI | Oct 21 2019

For the fourth time in history, MSU-IIT grabs the top spot in the Metallurgical Engineer Licensure Exam with Earl Dave M. Tulabing scoring 86.15 percent.

6 from IIT make it to Top 10 in Chemical Technician Board Exam

by Michelle Jeanne Caracut, OC/OPI | Oct 21 2019

Six of the examinees who made it to the Top 10 in the October 2019 Chemical Technician Board Exam are from MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, according to the results released...

CED celebrates 14th Pinning and Moving Up Ceremonies

by Juliet C. Tero | Oct 21 2019

The College of Education held its 14th Pinning and Moving Up Ceremonies of student teachers on September 18, 2019 at the MSU-IIT Gymnasium with theme “Innovation and Sustainability Through Transformative...

IPAG’s “Ramayana” forefronts Philippine-India 70 Years of Friendship

by (contributed news) | Oct 21 2019

Sita: The Ramayana Revisited premiered at the 2015 Asia-Pacific Bond of Drama Schools in La Salle College of the Arts in Singapore. Since then, this Philippine version of Asia’s most...

P245K given out to winners at annual MSU-IIT research awards

by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC | Oct 14 2019

NEARLY a quarter of a million pesos or P245,000 are handed out by MSU-IIT to its faculty and graduate and undergraduate students in recognition of their research excellence and contribution...

Petalcorin, Luzano join University of Montpellier Staff Week

by Michelle Jeanne Caracut, OC/OPI | Oct 11 2019

 MSU-IIT’s Dr. Gaudencio Petalcorin, Jr. and Ms. Jelli Grace C. Luzano flew to France last week to join the Observation Session for International Relations Officers of Philippine Higher Education Institutions...

Institute celebrates world mental health day

by OPI | Oct 10 2019


Tales from Mindanao 

by Neil Arkhe Azcuna, OPI | Oct 09 2019

MSU-IIT’s resident theater company, the Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG), once again staged its widely-acclaimed production called “Tales From Mindanao” for two days at the Institute Gymnasium.

IPAG expands international links

by (contributed news) | Oct 09 2019


Dr. Amelia Buan serves as visiting Professor in Khon Kaen University, Thailand

by J-Roel Semilla | Oct 08 2019

The dean of the College of Education, Dr. Amelia T. Buan went to Khon Kaen University, Thailand in September 8 - October 8, 2019 as visiting professor.

P20M KTTO building unveiled

by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC | Oct 04 2019

“A product of years of collaboration and hardwork.”

Institute writers learn at the feet of masters

by OPI | Oct 04 2019

Institute personnel in charge of drafting letters and official issuances were given a treat during one of their regular quarterly meetings when experts in the fields of writing and photojournalism...

Chancellor Tanggol invites industries to partner with MSU-IIT

by Michelle Jeanne Caracut, OC/OPI | Sep 27 2019


Works by artistic former employee donated to city’s ethnic center & museum

by (contributed news) | Sep 25 2019


MSU-IIT's Negosyo Center conducts forum on name registration and business permit

by Gemie Densing, CBAA | Sep 25 2019


CED conducts its 14th Pinning and Moving Up Ceremony for Student Teachers

by Rohanimah B. Guro, OC | Sep 25 2019

CED conducts its 14th Pinning and Moving Up Ceremony for Student Teachers

Institute automates assessment of students’ mental health

by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC | Sep 24 2019

IN AN effort to speed up the assessment of the mental health status of MSU-IIT students, the Institute is now automating the process by making use of its e-learning facility...

MSU-IIT to inaugurate new tech transfer bldg 

by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC | Sep 23 2019


3-day Gender Sensitivity Training for students opens 

by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC | Sep 19 2019


Calina to lecture on Industrial Revolution 4.0 at 3rd Management Forum 

by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC | Sep 19 2019


IIT and friends: Innovation initiatives brewing at FABLAB Mindanao

by Michelle Jeanne Caracut, OC/OPI | Sep 18 2019

Meeting over coffee and kakanin, the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology and its institutional partners brainstormed and shared ideas on how to optimally collaborate through innovation initiatives to achieve significant impact...

MSU-IIT wins 12th Visayas-Mindanao Debate Championship

by Rohanimah B. Guro, OC | Sep 17 2019


CED joins the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction

by J-roel B. Semilla | Sep 17 2019

The College of Education of MSU-IIT sends its two pre-service teachers in the National Leadership Summit of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction Philippine Student Teachers' Network (WCCI-PSTN) on...

IPAG joins prestigious Asia- Pacific Festival in Hanoi

by (contributed news) | Sep 13 2019

The Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG), resident company of the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, joins 25 other major universities in the Asia-Pacific in a Drama Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam from...

Writeshop set for crafting of strategic i18n plan of IIT

by Rex Godinez Ortega, OC | Sep 13 2019

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development (OVCPD) through its Office for International Affairs (OIA) is making arrangements for the holding of a writeshop that will take...

MSU-IIT Technology Fair jumpstarts Mindanao Business Conference 2019

by Ciara Mae A. Tabaculde | Sep 12 2019

In partnership with the 28th Mindanao Business Conference, MSU-IIT’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension (OVCRE) organized the opening activity for MinBizCon 2019 through MSU-IIT Technology Fair...