Institute Library

Policies and Procedures


  1. Constituents of MSU-IIT
    • Officials
    • Faculty and other academic personnel
    • Bona fide students
    • Administrative Employees
  2. Non-members of the Institute may be allowed to use the library with permit from the Institute Librarian's Office. Only room use of library materials is allowed.
    • Alumni and former faculty members.
    • Faculty and students of educational institutions who are officially referred to the library.
    • Government employees and personnel of industrial firms doing research for official purpose.
    • Personnel of business and industrial firms doing research for official purpose.


  1. Institute I.D. - To be presented at the Control Desk upon entrance and whenever one borrows a library material.
  2. Borrower’s Card (BC)
    1. All library users must have been registered in the library. A borrower’s card is issued to be able to avail of the services.
    2. To facilitate identification each college and distinct group is issued a specific color of Borrower’s Card.
      1. Blue - CASS, CED, CBAA students
      2. Green - CE , SET, SCS students
      3. Orange – CSM & Nursing students
      4. White – IDS students
      5. Cream - Graduate Students
      6. Yellow - Faculty
      7. Pink - Administrative Staff
    3. Requirements for the issuance of a Borrower’s Card:
      • 2 copies –1X1 ID picture
      • Certificate of Registration for student and appointment paper for faculty and staff.
      • Accomplish BC application form
    4. Registration and application for Borrower’s Card is done at the following:
      • CASS Library (Ground Floor, CASS Bldg.) for CASS Students, MA Filipino, MAELS, Gen.Ed, MI History, MA Socio Student and Faculty.
      • CSM Library (CSM Blg., 3rd Floor) for CSM, MASE, MAED, MANE and MS Students and Faculty.
      • ECT Library (COE Bldg., 2nd Floor) for COE, SCS, SET, MOE and MTT Students and Faculty.
      • CED Library (CED Bldg., 2nd Floor) for CED, MAED, MSCED Students and Faculty.
      • IDS Library (IDS Canteen, 2nd Floor) for IDS Students and Faculty.
      • CBAA Library (CBAA Complex, Ground Floor) for CBAA, MBM Students and Faculty.
      • CON Library (SET Bldg., 4th Floor) Nursing Students and Faculty.
      • Auxiliary Services (2nd floor, Main Library Bldg.) for Administrative Staff
    5. A Borrower’s Card is valid for one academic term and must be surrendered at the end of the semester to the issuing library for revalidation at the beginning of each term. It is non-transferable.
      • A filled up Borrower’s Card must be surrendered to the issuing library for cancellation and replacement. Replacement for a lost Borrower’s Card is issued one week after the report of loss and upon payment of twenty (P25.00) pesos. One replacement of Borrowers Card is allowed per semester.
  3. Library User Guide - Every student/user is required to have a copy of this guide to facilitate the use of library resources and facilities. The cost is P25.00 per copy.


A permit must be secured from the office of the Institute Librarian before anyone is allowed to use any of the library facilities, The user is subjected to existing library policies, rules and regulations. Privilege is restricted to room use and photoduplication of materials.

  1. To avail of the permit, one must have a valid ID and referral letter from the chief librarian or head of office of the prospective user.
  2. A library fee of P50.00 is imposed for the use of any satellite library or section.
  3. All fees must be paid at the Cashier’s Office.
  4. The user must present the Official Receipt issued by the Cashier’s Office to the Librarian in-charge at the Auxiliary Section, located at the 2nd floor, Main Library. A referral form duly signed by the Institute Librarian is given to the user to be presented to the Librarian in the library where the user is referred.
    • Schedule
      • ECT Library-10:00-12:00HN-Monday-Friday except wed. 4:00-6:00 PM
      • CSM Library – 10:00 – 12:00AM – Monday – Friday
      • CED Library-8:00-10:00AM - Monday - Friday
    • Fees for MSU System Library Users
      • MSU System students, faculty, staff and alumni , - A fee of P50.00 per visit or P150.00 per semester is charged for MSU systems library users.

      (All fees are subject to increase without prior notice when necessary)


  1. Fines: Return library material promptly on or before the specified due date in fairness to other users. Fines is imposed if a borrower fails to return the materials as follows:
    • Circulation Books: A fine of P5.00 per day is imposed for every overdue book for the first three days and P10.00 per day thereafter.
    • Reserve Books: An initial fine of P5.00 is charged for the first hour of overdue books thereafter, P1.00 each hour, or a maximum of P20.00 a day is imposed. Furthermore, a fine of P20.00 an hour is charged for taking a Reserve Book out of the library without permission.
    • Filipiniana/Serials/Reference resources in all satellite libraries are for room use only. If taken out without permit, or not returned on due time a fine of P100.00 an hour is imposed.
  2. Recall: All books borrowed are subject to recall when the need arises. Return the books within 2 days after such recall.
  3. Losses: Report immediately to the librarian the lose of a borrowed material. A library material lost must be replaced by the borrower.
  4. Damaged Material: Any damaged material must be replaced. If it can be repaired, the prevailing costs of repair is charged to the borrower.
  5. Library Clearance:

    * Faculty and Staff — Secure a library clearance from the Auxiliary Services, Main Library and surrender your Borrower’s Card to the library where it was issued.


  1. Proper conduct is expected of all library users. Courtesy, politeness and respect for others should be observed at all times. Loud conversation, smoking, eating, use of cell phones and littering are deemed improper inside the library.
  2. Return catalog trays, books, periodicals and chairs to the proper places after using them. Do not pull out the catalog cards on the catalog trays.
  3. Treat the library materials with care. Mutilating, marking or damaging materials impedes the work of fellow students and other users. It is an offense penalized by a fine, the amount depending on the extent of the damage done or suspension.
  4. Always seek the assistance of the librarian when using the computers, printer, CD-ROM, slides, video tapes, cassette tapes, television set and VHS players, etc.
  5. Repeated violation of library rules and misconduct for 3 times is subjected to recommendation for disciplinary action to the Department of Student Affairs such as:
    • Using other Borrower’s card or lending own Borrower’s card to other users;
    • Incurring repeated overdue.
    • Forging other user’s signature.
    • Misconduct (impolite, violation of library rules and regulations).
    • 5.5 Thief or stealing library materials or bags or money of other students inside the library.
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