Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology Center for eLearning (MICeL) aims to provide support in the development of interactive elearning courses and, instructional materials. It shall serve as the nerve center in the use of elearning technology for the delivery of both in-campus and off-campus curricular courses. It also hopes to provide online trainings on in-demand ICT courses needed to spur socio-economic development for Mindanao.

Specifically, MICeL offers:

  1. Trainings for the production of elearning applications (designing, planning, evaluation);
  2. Trainings on the use of Course Management Systems;
  3. Support services for module production intended for elearning;
  4. Elearning trainings/workshops to external clients.
  5. Seminars and workshops on online market-driven courses.
  6. Consultancies to other institutions and other clients interested in elearning;
  7. Linkages for the development of elearning.
Cenie V. Malabanan, MIT

Cenie V. Malabanan, Ph.D.
Director, MICeL

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Telephone/Fax: +63.221.0705

Email: [email protected]

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