To protect and enhance student welfare and interest by initiating, organizing and supervising meaningful programs and activities and providing services intended to augment and supplement the students’ academic training.

The major programs and activities include the student loan program, Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) every Summer, student assistantship, teaching assistantship, office assistantship, special grants in dance, theater arts, performing band and choral singing, identification of lodging houses for students, assistance to student leaders in the formation of campus-based organizations, supervision and regulation of activities of campus organization including the annual student council elections and management of the machinery for the maintenance of student discipline.


  • Grant short-term cash loans to students.
  • Provide guidelines and assistance in the formation and operation of student organizations.
  • Assist freshmen and new students who are not from Iligan City in identifying appropriate lodging houses and/or dormitories.
  • Approve and prioritize student extra-curricular activities.
  • Support poor but deserving students to earn their way to college and finish a degree through the student assistantship, office assistantship, teaching assistantship and student labor programs.
  • Provide effective channels of communication between the student body and the administration.
  • Receive and act on student complaints and petitions, suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of the Institute.
  • Endeavor to explain to the studentry Institute and University policies, especially those affecting their welfare and interest.
  • Coordinate the operation of offices and units in-charge of student personnel services such as the Institute Clinic and Canteen.
  • Manage the machinery for the maintenance of student discipline.
  • Conduct the annual student council elections.
  • Supervise the Guidance and Counseling Center.
  • Update OVCSS records of the whereabouts of the MSU-IIT college student borrowers from the Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAP).

Assoc. Prof. Sasha Anne L. Valdez
Acting Director
Office of Student Development Services

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