Intellectual Property Unit (IPU)

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office (KTTO) is the channel through which the two important components of the innovation process, the technology developers and the technology seekers, can connect and accomplish technology transfer processes. The office will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology by fostering, promoting, and enabling university-industry interactions. The KTTO will be the central resource and support hub for researchers and the external partners. It is an office that is responsible for IP protection, IP technology transfer, IP commercialization and IP management.

General Objectives:

  • To establish a facility that would manage intellectual property (IP) assets, facilitate technology transfer and serve as a conduit between the university and industry;
  • To provide a facility that will promote and support MSU-IIT’s initiative in developing an innovation and entrepreneurial culture at the Institute;
  • To have a facility that would provide assistance in all areas related to IP and IP commercialization;

Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO)

ITSO is a network of innovation and technology support offices or patent library covering and serving strategic areas and Institutions in the country with high potential for patent activity. The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) in partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) established the ITSOs to provide the infrastructure support and services to demystify and democratize the patent system and support Filipino technological innovations.

MSU-IIT became one of the Host Institutions operating an ITSO in its premises in 2012. The Host Institution will provide a ready pool of science and technical experts with competence to conduct patent search and patent drafting and assist in patent prosecution after undergoing IP capacity –building interventions by IPOPHL and WIPO.


To provide affordable quality patent information and IP services to the host institution, the local community and the country; and to support research and development which will have a positive social, economic, technological and environmental impact on the community and the Philippines.


  • To strengthen the institutional capacity of host institutions to conduct patent search, patent drafting and assistance in patent prosecution;
  • To increase accessibility by host institutions to patent information; and
  • To increase innovative and inventive outputs through increased patent filing of host institutions.

Key Services

Support IP Creation

  • Serve as patent search facility & library for patent information
  • Provide skills training in patent searching
  • Render patent search services
  • Organize a community of patent information users

Facilitate IP Protection

  • provide general information of patents and patenting
  • Provide skills training in patent drafting and prosecution
  • Render patent drafting and prosecution services
  • Organize a community of experts to participate in patent examination

Promote IP Utilization

  • Render IP audit and evaluation services
  • Provide licensing support
  • Provide advice on IP Management & commercialization strategies
  • Be a depository of patent related documents, papers and statistics

Marietta Esperanza P. Cruz
IP Officer and General Manager, IPU – ITSO
Director, KTTO
Mobile NO.: +639177162822
Email Address: [email protected]

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