The Department of Research (DR) is the office tasked to promote, manage, monitor, and evaluate the research undertakings of the Institute.


To provide training, technical, and research services that will empower faculty, staff and students to do independent scholarly researches geared towards community- and nation- building.

General Objectives

  • Gear R&D activities of the Institute towards the attainment of a strong research culture among its constituents;
  • Periodically review the R&D thrusts and directions of the Institute along with the demands of global, national, local and Institute research clientele and recommend redirections as needed;
  • Facilitate the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of duly approved research projects and other R&D programs;
  • Institute measures for the generation of R&D project proposals among MSU-IIT constituents for submission to appropriate funding agencies;
  • Encourage the conduct of collaborative/participatory researches and other R&D activities involving other research and academic institutions, industries and other organizations;
  • Develop strategies for financial sourcing and funding of Institute R&D projects and programs;
  • Coordinate the packaging of research outputs for dissemination and information of appropriate end-users.

Director, Department of Research

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Telephone No.: (063) 222-8630
Email Address: [email protected]

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