Request for Documents

Type of Document Fee Processing Time
Certifications Php50.00 2 working days
Report of Grades (ROG)/ Certificate of Registration (COR) Reprinting Fee Php20.00 1 day
Authentication Php10.00/page 1 day
Evaluation Php50.00 1 day
Transcript of Records (TOR) Php50.00/page 3 working days
Transfer Credential Php 150 3 working days
CAV Php350.00 3 days

Academic Records Verification

Academic Records

All official student academic records maintained by the Registrar’s Office are considered confidential, they are as follows:

  1. Permanent record of academic performance (Transcript of Records, Form 137-A, and Form 138).
  2. Admission files (SASE, picture, bio-data, birth certificate, certificate of good moral).

Release of Records and Information

  1. Except in the case of a subpoena duces tecum or an order from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) or similar government authority, the records of a student on file with the Registrar’s Office be revealed only upon written consent of the student concerned, provided, however, that if the student is of minor age, the release of the said record should be with the consent of his/her parents or guardian, as the case may be; and provided finally, that the academic records of a student may be shown, upon reasonable request, to his/her benefactor, such as the U.S. or Philippine Veterans Administration, or any agency or person from whom he/she enjoys scholarship. (FOSRA Res. No. 13)
  2. Except as provided by law, the Registrar will not disclose personally identifiable information from a student’s education records unless he/she provides a written release consent containing:
    1. What information is to be released,
    2. To whom the information is to be released,
    3. The purpose for which it is to be released, and
    4. Student’s signature and the date it was signed.
  3. On presentation of appropriate identification (I.D.) and under circumstance that prevent alteration or mutilation of records, a student will be able to inspect his/her educational records. The Registrar’s Office may charge a fee for copies of the records requested.
  4. No information about the student will be released to any person(s) on the telephone or via e-mail.

How to verify?

  1. Internet

    Click here to go to the Online Academic Records Verification facility.

  2. Snail Mail

    Send your request for verification to:

    c/o Office of the Institute Registrar
    MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
    Andres Bonifacio Avenue, Tibanga, 9200 Iligan City, Philippines

For more inquiries, contact us.

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